Federico Garcia's
multimerdia presentation

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Client: Federico Garcia Graphic Designer

Place:Helsinki, Finland / Brussels, Belgium

Year: 1998



In 1998 I moved out from Finland to live in Belgium, then I created a very complete portfolio with most of my works that I've made since 1985.

I pressed many cd-roms and then send them to the Belgian communications, marketing and advertising agencies in order to share with them my work and invite them to invite me to join their creative teams. After some cd's the offers for interesting meetings arrived to my e-mail box, the rest is purely history... one that is

as out of date and unupdateable as the content inside my digital portfolios on a cd-rom.

The message is clear: in the cyberspace "digital ink never dries", and the best way to share with those targeted audiences what I do and know has not rival when goes on the net, it is as a living entity:
always beating, always flowing.