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Client: AlterVisio

Place: Brussels, Belgium

Year: 2007



In 2007 I created a FedericoGrafia's spin-off company intended to present in a more business oriented approach my pro-Earth gtreen design (beyond the hyped ecological blah, blah, blah), thus AlterVisio, Ethical Sustainable Communication came into existence:


With AlterVisio I have chosen to adopt an optimistic and realistic point of view towards the future I intend to co-create:
to show that beyond the current dominant system there is a possible new conception of the world, an energy capable to positively transform our life. Today, more than ever. With a Earth driven vision we can cut once and for all our harmful massive consumption habits.

My AlterVisio's vision does not support the big farse that tries to convince dormant minds that Climate Change is produced purely by human activity. We do believe that we must all be good stewards of the Earth. The longer we help her to last, the longer we as a species will survive.

Ironically such la mode serious issue instead of showing many organisations and the media really acting is causing massive printings, creating gigantic and multimillionaire marketing campaigns aimed to convince, lure and even scare people, so almost sure one day everybody will be forced to pay CO2 footprints taxes, while car companies come out with hybrid cars rolling on their bio-tyres. Whatever... as we know and as long as we the people allow it, corporations will continue extracting oil, polluting our skies and waters everywhere, poisoning the Oceans and killing countless creatures with tonnes and tonnes of waste (you name it: plastic, radioactive waste, spilled oil, industrial-sew waters, mercury, heavy metals...), producing GM crops, and of course the endless creation of new wars... pure global and unacceptable nonsense!!

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