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Liability, Limitation of Liability

1. Content.

Federicografia makes no warranty as to the preciseness, correctness, completeness or quality of the information given. Claims against federicografia by Federico Garcia shall be excluded both for material and non-material damages which may be caused by the usage or failure of usage of the information provided, nor by the usage
of false or incomplete information; this applies as long as there is no proof of the author’s wilful intent or
gross negligence.

All contents are subject to alteration and are not binding. federicografia by Federico Garcia expressively reserves the right to change, amplify, delete or withdraw from publication for a limited or unlimited period of time, any parts of the website's pages.

2. References and Links.

Any liability is excluded for direct or indirect references to external websites linked to this site by hyperlink
outside the responsibility of federicografia by Federico Garcia. This applies only if in case of illegal content,
federicografia by Federico Garcia has knowledge of the website’s content and if he had the technical know-how
or could reasonably be expected to prevent its use.

federicografia by Federico Garcia declares that at the time of linking the pages in question these were free of illegal content. federicografia by Federico Garcia has no influence whatsoever on the present or future outlay, content nor copyright of the pages linked or referred to. federicografia by Federico Garcia dissociates expressively from the contents of all linked/connected pages which have been changed since the time of their linking.
This applies to any links and references linked within the author’s website.

For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages arising from the usage or failure of usage of information thus provided, the only person that can be claimed is the supplier of the page in question, not the person who only refers to a given publication by link.

3. Confidentiality.

Where ever within the website the user is asked to enter personal or business data (E-mail, names, addresses, etc.) the entry of these data by the user is on a voluntary base.

federicografia by Federico Garcia requests personal information from you in order to respond your questions or
a design project's requests. The information provided will allow federicografia by Federico Garcia to contact you. federicografia by Federico Garcia is committed to the security of the data collected on this website, and treat all information you provide federicografia by Federico Garcia as confidential.

federicografia by Federico Garcia will not sell or distribute any of your personal information to any outside organisation without your knowledge and most of all your permission.

4. Copyrights.

In all this website's publications federicografiaby Federico Garcia has made every effort:
- to point out the copyright of all graphics, photos, logos and texts used.
- to use graphics, photos, logos and texts of his own.
- to use graphics, photos, logos and texts which are not under licence, except for those used as mere presentation materials (mock-ups/dummies) to present a concept to a client.

All brands or trademarks referred to within this website which are possibly licensed by any third person are,
without restriction, subject to the current regulations of copyright and to the claim of ownership of the proprietors as registered. From reference to trademarks it cannot be concluded that they are not licensed by a third person!

Objects published and produced by federicografia by Federico Garcia himself remain under the copyright of federicografia by Federico Garcia.

Copying and utilization of such graphics, photos, maps, logos and texts in other electronic or printed publications are not permitted without the author’s explicit consent.

5. Legal Validity.

Aforementioned limitations of liability are part of this website. Should parts or particular phrases of this
Exclusion of Liability be invalid or incomplete or become invalid or void, the validity and content of the
remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.