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Client: Digia Oy

Place:Helsinki, Finland

Year: 1996



In 1996 I was appointed by the CEO
of Digital Architects Oy to design his company's identity based on my IVI ® Interactive Virtual Identity* model.

At that time the company's name was Mainonnantekijaat (the Finnish words for "Publicity makers"), a difficult if not impossible name to remember outside Finland, not to mention its clear pronunciation challenge. So I suggested before changing the identity we should focus on the creation of a new name.

During weeks I conducted an exhausting survey among the internal audience of the company and also with some customers, the results showed me that the need for a new name was a favored step to take. Then I conducted a mood-board session workshop among the company's employees in order to discover the shared core values they had, these would be the main ingredients to further develop the corporate identity.


We came out wit a powerful name Digia, easy to pronounce and very memorable in any culture and any language, and at the same time it was a very descriptive name which ecompassed the core competencies of the company: digital architects in charge of building navigational structures mastering the cutting-edge technologies available at that moment.

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