de-sign [di-zin' / di-zain] v. -signed, -sign•ing, -signs.

-tr. 1.a.To conceive or fashion in the mind; invent. b. To formulate a plan for; devise.
2. To plan out in systematic, usu. graphic form.
3. To create or to contrive for a particular purpose or effect.
4. To have a goal/purpose; intend.
5. To create or execute in an artistic or highly skilled manner.

-intr. 1. To make or execute plans.
To have a goal or purpose in mind.
To create designs.
-n. 1a. A drawing or sketch. b. A graphic representation, esp. a detailed plan for construction or manufacture. 2. The purposeful or inventive arrangement of parts or details. 3.The art or practice of designing or making designs. 4.Something designed, esp. a decorative or an artistic work. 5. An ornamental pattern.
A basic scheme or pattern that affects and controls functions or development. 7. A plan; a project. See syns at plan.
8. a.
A reasoned purpose; an intent.
Deliberate intention. 9. A secretive plot or scheme. Often used in the plural (ME designers < Lat. designare, to designate. See des•ig•nate.) *

*definitions taken from "Designing Business" by Clement Mok. Adobe Press, San Jose, CA 1996.

Design is a tool, a weapon. Use it!

• Design is about a total approach to
making business, listening to and satisfying
the audience, providing meaningful value.

• A powerful tool to expose, distinguish
& say it better... profit more(!), position higher.

• Design is the empowering key to total
business success.