Ahlstrom Interactive's
multimedia presentation

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Client: Ahlstrom

Place:Helsinki, Finland

Year: 2000



In 1996 I was appointed by the CEO of Ahlstrom Mr. Ahlstrom to design and author a multimedia presentation based on my IVI ® Interactive Virtual Identity* model.

Ahlstrom was facing a consistency issue in regards to the way the company's corporate identity was presented in the digital realm, that is on the company's divisions' web-sites. Every division's executive have a particular perception of the way Ahlstrom's identity could be presented online, and that was a serious potential issue that endangered the cohesive and coherent way the corporate identity had been designed with. So there was a need to present the flexible and at the same time coherent possibilities there were to unify Ahlstrom presence on the cyberspace. So with the help of my model and interactive scenarios I supported the strong idea that Ahlstrom was with "the vision into the future", in a very unified and cohesive way.

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