Strategic Visual Thinking

by FedericoGarcia looks for the Optimal Solutions
with a balance between
Effective & Thorough
Visual Communication:

• By understanding the market,
its challenges and opportunities.

• By enhancing the way federicografia's clients communicate with their clients.

and at the same time

• Providing federicografia's clients with a powerful tool that helps
to show better and profit more: Design!

federicografia's Role:

Act as a
Human catalyst of change
within those organisations which understand the value of design
as a powerful tool.

Acst as a
Humble Mediator in the Communication Process
between organisations and their audience with a multiple goal
in mind:

Add Value,
& Make Profit.

Core Competencies:

- Creativity...
one that knows no boundaries

- Design Leadership

- Flexible consistency

- International Know-how*

* 2 decades of sound experience in the realm of visual communication's and marketing both in America and Europe.

1985-2006 copyrights photo: federicografia by Federico Garcia.
All rights reserved

federicografia by FedericoGarcia
sees Graphic Design contributing within communication in the Future "already here".

Under a new business model and expanding technologies with new media appearing on a daily basis, in order to survive the role of Graphic Design - as well as organisations,
has to focus on a serious adaptation to this
new dynamics of change.

Becoming more flexible on its approach, but
at the same time remaining consistent and coherent with the corporate values -and those from a demanding and unpredictable society.

In the years to come designers should become
a catalyst of change within the corporations working with them. Where the main task of designers will be the co-ordination of the communication process (within a multi-disciplinary team, where designers act as
simple mediators).

This means that designers have to make
serious alliances with different specialists to create effective and a mutually beneficial
cross-disciplinary teamwork. One team that is able to co-operate in the construction of a new communication's architecture, which functions
as the framework for a new design scheme.
Hence, really articulating information with content. Interacting with the audience, in a proactive and more participatory process.

Therefore, designers should be, together with corporations: empowering people to access
to more information, coping with a new communications arena, opening the channels for a real dialogue.

One essential role of graphic designers together with those corporations they design for,
should be the necessary research and efforts focused on the sustainability of our planet.

Let us just reflect (and do something!) about it:

To what degree, a new approach in
Graphic Design will really participate
in the reshaping process of a truly environmental awareness?

How will corporations embrace the idea
and pose it among their audience?

How will the audience react to this?

What will we all do?

This is to some extent federicografia
by Federico Garcia's holistic vision.

It will be a great pleasure to share it with you once we work together on a new and
exciting project.