The key of federicografia's methodology achivement
has its foundations in a flexible, multi-disciplinary approach

Based on each project profile federicografia teams up with a multidisciplinary freelance team (graphic designers, product designers, furniture designers, webdesigners, programmers, translators, architect, musicians, painters, photographers) in order to achieve total and effective results.

In this case federicografia
acts as a vector and mediator
in a Strategic & Creative Process:


Exploratory phase

- Collection of data and in-depth interviews with the client, departing from the Brief.

- Analysis of the Market
and client's competitors.

- Coaching of Mood-Board sessions (this applies to specific projects, e.g. definition of organisation's core values).

Strategy phase

- Sinthesis of all the information gathered during the Exploratory phase.

- Creation of Design Brief
and the creative tone of voice
to be achived during the
Design phase.

- Assignement of tasks.
Definitioin of team involved
in the project.

- On a project basis Websites' navigation architecture
and functionalities.

Design phase

- Creation of initial concepts based on Design Brief, sketches on paper and further on screen.

- Brain storming session between the client and designer/team.

- Concept refinement.

- Presentation of concept to client via refined sketches and/or muck-ups/dummies, according to a specific project.

- Implementation & Coaching of Virtual Polls (depends on project's profile, e.g. identity design, both brand and corporate, GUI, etc.)

Production phase

- Concept implementation and final art development, including:
Construction of mechanicals and/or authoring of web pages, multimedia presentations, 2D animations, as well (when it is necessary) construction of

- Printing process management, this includes direct contact with printing house and quality control, from copy-proof to final prints.

- Complex websites' both authoring/scripting and coaching (once the GUI design is on place).

- Redaction and Creation of Guidelines for both digital and physical implementations; identity and/or Websites'
style guides.

* On a project basis, that is depending on the specific project's profile.

Assessment phase

- Evaluation of results, with correction/iteration of possible issues and/or unforseeables.

- Co-ordination of projects'
post-launch market research (when needed).


federicografia's methodology
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long-lasting relationships through real dialogue

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