Constant Quest of Excellence

By Doing what I Know
& Knowing what I Do.

Design with Principles

By respecting design principles
I look for a Functional and effective design both
ethically, environmentally
and aesthetically.

Solid Flexibility

First of all I listen to the needs and wants, then I accomodate
the solution to the Best Result achieving a Balance between what is desired, required and realistically feasible.

Multidisciplinary Approach

By acknowledging my strengths and my limits I look for sound knowledgeable experts' co-operation, teaming-up with all
the disciplines/professionals needed, in order to achieve optimal results.

Face Challenges

Less is more. With this principle in mind I take all what it takes to offer the optimal solution with the minimum of resources needed to avoid any waste (of resources, time or energy) as much as possible.

Also by integrating to the whole design process new technologies and communications know-how.

Behind every challenge lies down
a great opportunity.

federicografia's convictions
1985-2006 copyrights photo: federicografia by Federico Garcia.
All rights reserved

federicografia's Mission

Empower organisations and individuals to achieve an effective and thorough visual communication of the totality of what they are (as well as their products and their services).

One big Goal in mind:

Through the use of design: powerful & strategic tool, federicografia by Federico Garcia helps organisations and individuals to better communicate to their audiences all what
they are about and do, in order to profit more and position themselves at the right place, exactly where they have envisioned to be...

Distinguishing them from the crowd, full of nobodies, paraphrasing Marshall MacLuhan.