To Connect

To Transmit

To Cleanse

To Awake

To Share

To Thank!

through a humble transformation
of the gifts from Mother Earth,
all mighty beauty
in stones,
& what used to be powerful & wise trees.

Work philosophy.

federicografia by Federico Garcia's sculpture depicts the universal archetypes and symbols from ancient cultures (just to mention afew):

Mayas, Indus, Olmecs, Celts, Egyptians,

Vikings, Incas, Etruscans, Greeks, Toltecs,

Teotihuacan, Aztecs, Zapotecs,

Rapa Nui people, Maori, Anazasi, Virikuta,

Raramuri, Pueblo peoples, Inuits, Bong,

Australian aboriginals, Amahuacas ...

and beyond the skies.

federicografia's work can be divided
in two directions:

The first one figurative, depicting animals
and human beings.

The second one abstract, depicting basic geometrical forms.

Both, figurative and abstract sculptures
work as symbolic elements that rescue
parts of the universal wisdom and legacy
of the peoples of the Mother Earth
and beyond her skies .

Om Mani Padme Hum

"To China with Love"
federicografia by Federico Garcia 2005.

Etruscan Mother of Creation

"Mother of Creation?..."
Etruscan offering vase on clay.

© 2006 photo: federicografia by Federico Garcia

Ki-coatl by federicografia

federicografia by Federico Garcia 2003.