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• Permanent virtual exhibition of 11 totems in wood, stone and metal at artichaud


In case you want to see the totems at


you can arrange a meeting directly there (further details on their website)



• Exhibition at the Carefour Citoyen together with
3 Belgian artists. Brussels 07.2004.

• Exhibition ETNIA at the Espacio Galería /
ELA, espacio latinoamericano together with 10 Latinamerican artists. Sablon, Brussels. 10.2004.

• Exhibition at Cultureel Centrum "Het Gasthuis" together with 14 artists from Cuba, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Flanders and The Netherlands. Aarschot, Vlaams-Brabant. 05 - 06.2005.

• Individual Exhibition at the Art Gallery Derapages.
Brussels 06 - 09.2005.




• Exhibition at the Mexican Embassy together with another Mexican artist (painter)
Brussels 11 - 12.2005.




• Participation at the Parcours des Artists 2006 together with 449 international artists
Saint Gilles/Sint Gillis, Brussels 05.2005.

• From 15th May to 09th June, 2007
Expo Escales Mexicaines
Espace Maurice - Bibliothèque d’Anderlecht

25.05.2007 at 19:00
Official Donation of the Totem Chichan-Macuilli from Federicografia with love to the Belgian peoples in Anderlecht.


Bibliothèque de l’Espace Maurice Carême

1-7, rue du Chapelain

1070 Brussels




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federicografia's totems @ artichaud




chichan-macuilli totem @ Sablon



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