Since the internet became the important corporate and brand communications tool that it is today Federico started exploring waysto facilitate digital visual communications.

In 1986 Federico was making slides, designing and creating audio-visual presentations, ten years after he authored his first multimedia and interactive presentation and put it
on a cdrom.

No doubt, the digital realm has changed the way we human beings communicate, and at the same time it has sparked a huge chaos too.

And t is precisely in the digital arena where designers mutate within this new untameable environment...always in motion and coping with the array of chaos in an over-communicated world.

It was in 1995, while living
and studyng in Helsinki when
Federico designed his first website.
Since then Federico has been designing websites, some times creating graphical user interfaces (the so called look & feel for corporate sites), some times coaching their creation and navigational architecture.

In this so called new realm "digital ink
never dries" as someone said once.

Speed, transformation and chaos are the main ingredients in the way companies and brands communicate what they stand for.

Therefore, most of those sites that Federico has designed or helped to design are already in
the cyber grave. One or two remain online,
and surprisingly intact (or almost) since the first moment they were online.

Nevertheless in the website section you will see screen shots from some "offline" sites, so you can take a look to the way they looked.