Brinks Posters

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Client: Brinks

Place: Atwerpen, Belgium

Year: 2005

Photography: Federico Garcia (on the first and second poster)

The Image Bank (Eagle on third poster)



In the first and second poster proposal
the idea was to create a story through
the mxture of photos, based on the service promise of "from anywhere in Europe to anywhere in the USA" I used two different images, one a flock of Seagulls from the Norwegian cliffs of Ekeroya, the other one an aerial view from Seattle, Washington.

In the second poster proposal created a surrealistic image by mixing one impressive tower from a Castle in Saint Malo in France, with a skyscrappers on the streets of manhattan, New York, USA.



In the third proposed I used one image (Eagle) from the Image bank to create a metaphoric image showing an eagle flyng and landing with a delivery from Brinks in its claws, supported by a suggestive Brand service line (that I proposed to Brinks as a headline for this poster) complementing

the powerful Brinks' slogan "In safe hands around the world" at the bottom of
the poster.